1. The Magician – Mythic Tarot

The Magician wears a white chiton representing innocence of The Fool with a red cloak representing worldly knowledge passion and power draped across his shoulders.  He stands pointing toward the sky.    The Magician has taken the first step on his journey.  On a rock in front of him lies a cup a pentacle, a sword and a wand, representing the need for balance between the mind heart body and soul.


General Reading

You now have an abundance of creative energy, and the ability to call in the power of the universe to manifest your desires.   If you have not yet received an opportunity, one will be presented to you very soon.   You have the ability to make the most of the opportunity presented.

If you are working on something new you  will be successful as long as you have a can do attitude and a strong sense of optimism.   This card tells you that you will find creative ways to overcome any problems and barriers, you already have the necessary knowledge and skills to do this.

You require commitment to the task and you need to draw on all your knowledge and skills to ensure its success, stay focussed on the task and you will be successful.

If this card falls in a negative position such as a block then you could be the overconfident trickster.  You are not ready to move ahead or you are deliberately delaying action. You could lead another into making wrong choices.


In your work or career you have all the skills and knowledge needed to be successful in your role.  This card shows you utilising all your skills and knowledge and feeling engaged and energised in your work.


A new money making opportunity or venture will appear soon.  This could be a new job or a side job or activity.


You have both learned lessons from the past which can now be applied to this relationship. You are both prepared to do the work in a relationship to make it work.


If you are looking for love be careful of someone who may seem a little too good to be true.  Use all the knowledge and skills at your disposal especially if you are looking for love on the internet.    Join a club or social group to and get out and about.  Be open to all possibilities don’t limit yourself but also don’t be gullible.

As a Person

If you have a question about a person and you receive The Magician card it can prove to be quite complicated to interpret.

The Magician can be clever and quick witted; he has the gift of the gab.   If he is surrounded by positive cards he can be fun and a pleasure to be with.

However there are burdens from the past that still plague The Magician which may cause him to behave in a deceitful manner.   Be aware that at times he may be a cunning trickster.


Take action if your health is concerning you.  You have action and knowledge at your disposal to find the right solutions for you.

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