6. The Lovers – Mythic Tarot

The lovers is a card of desire and choice – not always happily ever after.

The Lovers Card in the Mythic Tarot depicts three Greek goddesses Hera, Athena, and Aphrodite.   They ask Zeus to settle their dispute over which of them is the fairest.   Zeus couldn’t do it so he asked Hermes to find someone who could.  Hermes approached Paris a young teenager who was tending his stepfather’s garden to award the golden apple to the fairest goddess.

The three goddesses offered Paris a bribe.   Hera said she would make him king of Asia, while Aphrodite offered him power in war.   Aphrodite offered him marriage to the most beautiful sensual woman in the world.   Paris was young and chose beauty over all else, he married Aphrodite but later left her for Helen of Troy – sparking the Trojan wars.

This card is about choice, and for those of you hoping for happily ever after, look very closely at the surrounding cards in order to see the full picture.    This could indicate a relationship based on sexual desire, or being part of a love triangle in which you may not be the chosen party.

What Happens if You Choose the Lovers Card?


You will be faced with a dilemma which you will be unable to avoid.  This is a decision that will change the course of your life.   Although things may look negative on the surface a lot of good will come.

If you have been avoiding making a decision you can no longer bury your head in the sand it is time to take action.


You have a strong desire to find someone special, and you may find you have a strong connection to another.  However card warns you not to be hasty when considering the long term viability of a relationship.  You must carefully examine your own personal values and those of a potential partner before deciding whether to make a long term commitment.

Sometimes a person may appear in your life and you feel and instant  soul mate connection, however this does not mean it is meant to be.  There are a number of different types of soul mates, and they don’t all end in marriage:

  • Twin flame is a soul mate sent so that you can unite to serve god.
  • A true soulmate sent to you at birth who may be a close friend and someone you instantly bond with.
  • A karmic soulmate. This is someone who you may have unresolved karma with from a previous life; however you are only meant to be with this person a short time in order to repay karmic debt.   This could lead to a lot of pain.

Be aware if you are feeling passionate about someone you should take your time if it is a karmic soul mate you may find that you there will be something blocking this relationship  from moving forward   such as a third party.  They are here to teach you something and it is likely to end badly.


If you are in a relationship the Lovers card signifies the relationship is strong and built on similar goals.  This could be a true soulmate if you feel you are deeply connected and nothing is blocking you.

Alternatively you may be faced a choice regarding your relationship such as whether to engage in an extra marital affair or save your marriage.   This card  has a high sexual element to it and often signifies a struggle between your sexual desires and knowing what is right for you.


You may be faced with a decision regarding your career.  You can continue the way you are going, or you have the option to change your career path completely.

This is a difficult decision as remaining where you are means more of the same and continuing with the status quo, however moving into a new area may involve less money but more opportunity for fulfilment.


Financial partnerships and investments with an intimate partner or a business partner will be successful.


This card represents someone who is very clear about his or her personal values.  They are in touch with their emotions.  They are very open and caring.  There are no hidden agendas what you see is what you get.

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