5. The Hierophant – Mythic Tarot

The Hierophant is represented by a centaur – half man half horse.  He stands in a cave holding a scroll in his left hand, representing wisdom and understanding.  The pointing finger and little finger on his right hand are pointing toward the roof in the old fashioned sign of a blessing.

The Hierophant represents a religious figure of the beginning of a spiritual quest, judging by the light shining through the roof of the cave if it is a divinely lead.  The Hierophant represents a time when The Fool emerges from the underworld to seek enlightenment.   This card often appears when the seeker is starting a spiritual quest to understand the deeper meaning of life.

The negative aspect of this card could be related to the negative side of organised religion such as power, greed and corruption.

General Reading

This card is very clear you need to follow the code of conduct for any organisation or group you are a part of, otherwise you risk being a rebel or out cast.    This is a time to follow the status quo.

It may be time to find a group of like-minded individuals in order to progress work or social opportunities.

You may take up studying in a formal institution such as a university, or about to embark on a spiritual quest to find your own understanding of god.

If you are going through a challenging time this card suggests you find a mentor, counsellor or spiritual advisor to guide you.

If this card falls in a negative position it is a warning that if you do not follow the status quo whether it is in work, relationships or social groups you are at risk of being shunned.


Invest money in safe shares such as banks and financial institution for the best return;    this is not a time for speculative investing.  Seek out professional advice from a banker or financial adviser.


This is a time to conform to status quo.  If you enjoy your work and want to get ahead you need to conform to hierarchy and structures of an organisation.  It is not a time to argue with your boss that your way is better.  Join professional networks and strategically align yourself with people and power.


If you are looking for love this card suggests a you may meet a potential love interest at a social event or even a friend’s wedding.


If you are dating this is an indication that it is time to take your relationship to the next level.

If you are already married and your marriage is struggling this card can indicate you are staying together for the kids.


Although alternative therapies can be great to ease symptoms and enhance relaxation when it comes to your health and well-being it is time to follow traditional methods of medicine.


The Hierophant represents someone who is conventional but also has a lot of spiritual wisdom.  He or she likes to help others and is often seen as a leader.

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