3. The Empress – Mythic Tarot

The Empress represents fertility and new life.

The Empress is a striking young pregnant woman with long flowing reddish brown hair.  Her dress is orange and decorated with the plants of spring.   She stands in a field of barley behind her are green lush hills with a waterfall that leads down into a river.     Everything about this image points to fertility and the beginning of new life.

When this card shows up it is a message that you have reached a state of abundance and peace.  It can also predict pregnancy.



It’s time to get in touch with nature, spend time outside notice the trees and the leaves.  Find a creative outlet, such as music, drama or painting to enhance your perceptions of the world around you.

The Empress may predict pregnancy look at the surrounding cards or let your intuition guide you on this.

It could also signify the birth of new ideas and projects with a successful outcome.

If you are a father this is a sign that you need to be nurturing your children more.

If this card appears in a negative position or as a block it could indicate that vanity or ego has become an obsession.  You may be behaving coldly toward your family.  It could indicate clandestine meetings that go undetected for years.  Or someone who is obsessive and needy that may become a bully and drainer of energy.


If you are looking for a new job this card suggests you should be looking for one that nurtures your creativity and is something you are truly passionate about.


Your financial situation is going to improve.


Kind and gentle connected with nature, she is a natural mother figure.


Your feminine energy is glowing and you will soon attract a potential partner with whom you can share something special.

If a man looking for a female partner this card signifies you may soon find an extremely sensuous woman, very nurturing and motherly,


This card signifies that your commitment to each other is getting deeper perhaps a marriage proposal or the birth of a child.   You will soon be making plans on how to create your future together.

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