4. The Emperor – Mythic Tarot

The Emperor sits on a throne holding a globe of the world in one hand and lightening in the other.  He has a reddish brown beard.  He is dressed in a royal purple robe that covers his feet and wears a crown upon his head.   On his left shoulder sits a brown eagle.  The eagle is looking to the left (an invitation to follow his gaze), while the Emperors gaze is direct (a challenge).

The Hawk represents the ability to see a situation for from a higher perspective.  In this card he gazes toward the future.    He is inviting you to do the same, by trusting your own intuition.

The throne sits upon a creamy white rock like marble.  Behind him are snow-capped mountains, with a dark blue gully in between, representing the cool fresh mountain air.

This is a powerful confident man that holds the world in his hand.

General Reading

The Emperor represents an authority figure, or a father figure.  He is a protector and is extremely loyal to those that are loyal to him.  In a general reading this card indicates someone in a position of authority is looking out for you or protecting you in the situation.   Whether it indicates someone protecting you now or in the future depends on where it falls in the spread and the cards surrounding it.

If you are seeking help you will receive it from the highest source.

At the beginning of a reading this card indicates change will occur because you are in a hurry.  As an outcome card there are new opportunities coming that will lead to success.

In a positive position this card indicates you are in control of your situation.   You are feeling very content or you are working out how you may reach a state of contentment in the future.

In a negative position this card can indicate a lack of focus leading to paralysis and disruption. The Emperor’s need for power may lead him or her to disregard the feelings of others.


If you are looking for work a new opportunity will come your way soon.

In a career reading an opportunity or promotion is coming your way that could mean more money and more authority.  This card also warns those who are a position of power to watch their ego.

If you work for yourself this card indicates that your business is or is about to become very successful.  However you need to continue to work hard keep your empire together.


A new love interest is coming into your life.  It may not be someone who sweeps you off your feet with gifts and romantic gestures; however he or she will be very stable, practical and dependable.


This relationship is stable and works very well on a practical level.  The Emperor can be a very dependable and solid partner however at times can be very overbearing.   He will protect those he cares for as long as they are loyal to him.


You will hear about money coming to you either in the form of a bonus or a tax refund.


This card represents a person of great knowledge; however they can also be egotistical.  If this person is you  it is important you know when to be firm and when to be kind.  If this is someone you work for he or she will be very loyal and supportive of their work force so long as employees show the same loyalty in return.

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