10. The Wheel of Fortune

You are on the right track

Three women cloaked in black, surround a spinning wheel.  One sits on the floor with a ball of twine feeding it to the one standing on the left of the card, an older woman stands on the right the holding shears.   These tree women (referred to as Moirai) are the goddesses of fate (representing growth fear and death).

In the centre of the card is a golden wheel.    On the wheel are four men one at the top, one on his way down, one underneath and one on his way up.  These four figures represent four levels of fortune from success to down on his luck to moving climbing up or falling.

The wheel is in a dark cave representing the womb that gives us life and the grave to which we return.  We can see the entrance of this cave.  Outside the sun is shining on the lush green hills, representing the clarity of vision needed on our journey through life.

When the wheel appears in a reading it could be an indicator that there is a karmic reason behind a seemingly random event.  This could indicate a sudden change in your fortunes or an event in your which will lead to personal growth.  The event could be positive or negative depending on the position that it appears in your reading.   Check the surrounding cards to work out where on the wheel you are.

If you are on the upside of the wheel.   You will experience change perhaps which brings about abundance and good fortune.

If you are on the downside you may experience a loss of some kind, but this is because the universe has a new plan for you.    Try not to dwell on negative events instead find ways to move past them and onto the new.


The Universe is currently throwing challenges at you to help you grow.  You must accept that life is full of up’s and downs. If you are on the down side accept that adversity is part of life, and check the surrounding cards to find solutions to your problems.   Remember every problem has a solution and an opportunity to grow.

On the positive this card indicates the worst is now behind you.  You are likely to have a new experience that will lead to change and personal growth.

The overriding message here is that it is now time to make changes to ensure you are on the right path in your life.


A new person will come into your life that can lead to long term love relationship.  Be open to new experiences and allow fate to run its course.


In an established relationship you may find that you are on the down side of the wheel.   It is time to have an open discussion with your partner about how to fix this.

If you have recently ended a relationship you may have felt that it was sudden or that there was a number of unrelated events that led to the demise of this relationship.    Circumstances may have been beyond your control, however take heart that the wheel continues to turn and you will experience another up cycle.


Be open to feedback from peers; watch out for possible errors in your work even if you have been on a good run lately.    Focus on your achievements and successes.

If you are looking for work or a promotion expect a new opportunity to be presented shortly.


You may receive money from an unexpected source.    However remember it is important to save for the future to mitigate future ups and downs.


The wheel of fortune represents someone who is extremely lucky, flexible adaptable and open to change.  A generous person who always looks on the bright side of life.