7. The Chariot – Mythic Tarot

Ares the god of war prepares for battle

Ares the god of war is on the move –  dressed in a gold helmet and gold tunic he is ready for battle.  Ares is violent, quick tempered and has an aggressive personality, which he struggles to control.  His horse’s one white and one black, represent the fear and terror  pulling him in opposite directions.  Behind Ares are reddish brown hills and the ground is hard and dry. The clouds suggest there is a storm brewing.

In a reading the Chariot can represent a struggle either our own inner conflicts or conflicts outside our selves. One thing is certain when the Chariot shows up in a reading the conflict must be faced. Once we come through this battle we will be stronger.

The Fools Lesson

If the Chariot appears at the beginning of a reading you may feel you are ready and raring to go with a new idea, however be cautious if you proceed with too much haste then you may make a mistake.  If the Chariot appears at the end of a reading you have learned this lesson and you are moving ahead. You need to overcome your emotions, and the struggles within using hard work and discipline over your emotions.


You are facing an emotional test, you are feeling as if you are overloaded or being pulled in two different directions. You need to have faith in yourself and your assertiveness in order to deal with this situation.

This is a time to face conflicting priorities. These could be work priorities or just chores around the house. If you can do this the outcome will be successful. Assert yourself and be bold.

This card can also predict up and coming travel by car on an important journey.


Stick to your relationship ideals. Do not lower your standards in order to avoid being alone. In time you will attract the right partner.


There are a number of commitments that are imposing on your time which are causing tension in your relationship.   Although your bond is strong you know that it is time to make a commitment to each other if you want the relationship to continue.   It is time to make a decision to repair the relationship by accepting the need to change or to just let it go.


It is time for you to take control of the reins at work. There is going to be incredible movement forward for you. You will be taking on new responsibilities possibly taking on a management role. You will be very successful as long as you are prepared to take control.

If you are looking for work you need to be very clear on the type of role you are looking for and ensure the organisations you apply for meet these criteria. In interviews be sure to take some control ask questions do research and make sure they are the right organisation for you.


It is time to take control of your finances, make sure you stick to your budgets and ensure you have funds for unexpected issues.


Time to check in on yourself and ask if you are feeling OK. If you are taking any medication that does not feel right check with your doctor.


The Chariot represents people who are very determined and action orientated or a blond man. However he has a tendency toward aggression if things do not go his way.