7. The Chariot – Mythic Tarot

Ares the god of war prepares for battle

Ares the god of war is on the move –  dressed in a gold helmet and gold tunic he is ready for battle.  Ares is violent, quick tempered and has an aggressive personality, which he struggles to control.  His horse’s one white and one black, represent the fear and terror  pulling him in opposite directions.  Behind Ares are reddish brown hills and the ground is hard and dry. The clouds suggest there is a storm brewing.

In a reading the Chariot can represent a struggle either our own inner conflicts or conflicts outside our selves. One thing is certain when the Chariot shows up in a reading the conflict must be faced. Once we come through this battle we will be stronger.

The Fools Lesson

If the Chariot appears at the beginning of a reading you may feel you are ready and raring to go with a new idea, however be cautious if you proceed with too much haste then you may make a mistake.  If the Chariot appears at the end of a reading you have learned this lesson and you are moving ahead. You need to overcome your emotions, and the struggles within using hard work and discipline over your emotions.


You are facing an emotional test, you are feeling as if you are overloaded or being pulled in two different directions. You need to have faith in yourself and your assertiveness in order to deal with this situation.

This is a time to face conflicting priorities. These could be work priorities or just chores around the house. If you can do this the outcome will be successful. Assert yourself and be bold.

This card can also predict up and coming travel by car on an important journey.


Stick to your relationship ideals. Do not lower your standards in order to avoid being alone. In time you will attract the right partner.


There are a number of commitments that are imposing on your time which are causing tension in your relationship.   Although your bond is strong you know that it is time to make a commitment to each other if you want the relationship to continue.   It is time to make a decision to repair the relationship by accepting the need to change or to just let it go.


It is time for you to take control of the reins at work. There is going to be incredible movement forward for you. You will be taking on new responsibilities possibly taking on a management role. You will be very successful as long as you are prepared to take control.

If you are looking for work you need to be very clear on the type of role you are looking for and ensure the organisations you apply for meet these criteria. In interviews be sure to take some control ask questions do research and make sure they are the right organisation for you.


It is time to take control of your finances, make sure you stick to your budgets and ensure you have funds for unexpected issues.


Time to check in on yourself and ask if you are feeling OK. If you are taking any medication that does not feel right check with your doctor.


The Chariot represents people who are very determined and action orientated or a blond man. However he has a tendency toward aggression if things do not go his way.

3. The High Priestess Mythic Tarot

The High Priestess stands on a stone staircase in a long white flowing dress.  A gold crown sits upon her head.  Her dark hair is falls down past her shoulders.  In her left hand is a bunch of freshly picked flowers that fall from her hand as she stares at you in with a challenge.  The challenge is to trust your intuition.  You know what is right and true.  In her right hand is a red ball which could be an apple.

The stairs lead up to a doorway, outside are green rolling hills with a waterfall cascading down the middle and into a lush stream.   In front of the stream is a field of barley almost ready to harvest.

The High Priestess is very psychic and spiritual.  She appears in a reading to tell you to trust your intuition, and pay attention to your dreams.


In a general reading women are told to trust their feminine side and don’t need to act like their male counterparts to achieve and outcome.   Men must get in touch with their feminine side in order to solve a problem.

It is a warning that there is more information in this situation that is yet to be revealed.  However the outcome will be ok there is no hardship to come as long as you listen to your intuition and don’t rush in like The Fool.

If this card is comes out at the beginning of a reading you are told to trust your intuition and be patient as there is more information to be revealed. At the end of a reading you have been patient and wait for more information to be revealed through your higher senses.


In a work situation follow your gut instinct if you are drawn to a particular job or promotion then you should apply for it.

If you are unsure about something or someone in the workplace then could mean there is more information that needs to come to light before making a decision.

Suitable occupations – counsellor, consultant or psychic.


You have the potential to make very good investment decisions, if you feel drawn to a particular investment type.


The High Priestess represents a very spiritual person, who prefers to live in solitude.   She keeps her own counsel and makes decisions from her heart.


If you are single you may find yourself a partner with whom you have a very deep spiritual connection.  If you are a man you will desire finding someone intuitive and secretive.


You have a very deep soul connection with your partner.


You are very in tune to your health and well-being.  If you feel something is not right get it seen to immediately.  Vitamins and minerals may also be beneficial.

There may be some issues related to fertility or menstruation or other female issues.

0. The Fool – Mythic Tarot


The Fool begins his journey into the unknown.

A young man dressed in a brown animal skin robe shoulder is about to step off the cliff into the unknown.  He looks up to the sky for guidance from god.   He has no material possessions yet he has all he needs for his journey.   He wears a band of grape vines around his head which according to Greek mythology is a symbol of fertility and material abundance.    This is a sign if the fool is following his true path he will achieve abundance in all areas of his life.  However he is very close to the edge of the cliff, one wrong step and he could fall off his spiritual path.

In the branch over the Fool perches a hawk.   The Hawk teaches awareness of the higher self.  The naive traveller is told to focus on the road ahead, trust your inner guidance and do not brush off synchronistic events as coincidences.

Sometimes when people leave their destined path they can experience loneliness and depression, going from one unsatisfying position to the next.

Depending on where this card shows up it can signify the beginning of the soul’s true journey.  Follow your intuition and guidance and it will show you where you need to go.

The Fools Lesson – This card can represent a new journey or a change in directions, however if it appears at the beginning of a reading it may signify something that you have not thought through.   The fool must learn not to make impulsive decisions without considering the consequences.


The Fool signifies a new beginning or change in your life.  It could be a new job or a new creative outlet or a new love depending on the surrounding cards.   When a new idea comes the Fool asks you to take a leap of faith into the unknown to pursue your dreams.  The Hawk tells you to trust what your inner guidance is telling you.

If this card comes up when you have a choice to make trust your instincts and have faith that the universe is taking you in the right direction.

If this card shows up in a negative position in your reading such as a block it can show that you have taken a wrong turn or you are reluctant to take a leap of faith slowing your journey.


In a work or career reading this card represents a new job which could be in a totally different field to that which you are currently in.  It could be a new business of your own.  If your intuition tells you it is a good idea then trust it, remember you have the hawk guiding your awareness.

Sometimes the Fool can literally mean you are acting the fool at times you should be serious.   If you are wondering why you are not receiving a promotion you wanted then make sure you are taking your job seriously.  Superiors are now looking for a serious commit and passion for the job.


Avoid get rich quick schemes.  If follow your passions and abundance will follow.


If you are looking for love a new interest will present itself soon.  Be open to exploring the options around this person and a possible relationship.

In a new relationship, you are ready to move forward and investigate how far this relationship can go.  You may feel nervous but the Fool urges you to pursue this relationship further as there may be a lesson for you.


If you are in a relationship, you may be at the stage where you feel that it is time to move on with the next stage of your life.  You may wish to explore other opportunities and potential love interests, but not sure how to begin.


Your health is improving.  If you have had health issues in the past you may find new people and or resources that will help you on the road to recovery.   Positive thought is important right now and is linked very closely to both your mental and physical well-being.


This shows a person who is living life with reckless abandon and needs to slow down.