13. Death – Major Changes are Coming

Mythic Tarot
Get ready for major changes, and a new way of doing things.

Hades the son of Cronus and Rhea was rescued by his brother Zeus and given the kingdom of the underworld over which to rule.   He now stands shrouded in a black cloak, his face covered by a helmet,   his hands open ready to receive the gifts offered by the three figures below.  The small child offers a flower the woman offers a crown and the man offers coins.

When someone enters Hades kingdom they do not return.  This card represents the end of a cycle.  However there is no reason for fear, when you get this card it means that an old way of life is ending and leaving the way open for new opportunities.


You are about to experience significant changes in your life some may occur unexpectedly.   You need to accept these changes and understand they are a necessary part of life in order to make way for change.

Once you let go of any unhealthy attachments that no longer serve you, you can make way for new energies to come in.  Let go of old ways of life and any bad habits that no longer serve you.


If you are looking for love there is a major change coming, however it is time to purge yourself of baggage you are still carrying from a previous relationship.    Once this happens you will be truly open to accepting new love into your life.


In a new relationship both you and your partner have come into this new partnership after a period of change.  You are both ready to explore new possibilities as a couple.

In a struggling relationship it is time to explore new ideas together to make it work.  Unless both parties are willing to work on the relationship it will not survive and you will have to face the possibility of your relationship ending.


There are significant changes about to occur in your work place.  It could be a restructuring at organisation or team level.

You may be considering a new direction yourself; this card signifies that it is time to make preparations for this new change.   This card may be telling you to take a new approach to job hunting.


You may have had a significant loss in terms of income.  Learn from this situation and you will be ok in the long run.


You may be struggling with a new phase of your life the stress of which may cause anxiety.   Try to deal with the emotional side of life and the physical side will improve as well,


This card represents someone very open to change; they have probably been transformed through some traumatic event or major lifestyle change.  They are more likely to take a risk on a new venture to pursue a new goal.

12. The Hanged Man

A time for waiting.

Prometheus is a titan who sympathised with humans; he defied Zeus by taking the element of fire and giving it to humankind even though he knew he would be punished for his deed.  He gave humans the gift of fire so they could experience enlightenment.

Zeus punished him by chaining him upside down to cliffs.  For the next 30 years Prometheus hung suspended.  Every day the eagle flew down and devoured Prometheus liver, each night his liver regenerated.  After 30 years he was rescued by Ares and given the gift of eternal life.

This card speaks of inner sacrifice.  It is telling us it is time to wait patiently and without foresight, for the next chapter of our life to unfold.  Sometimes mystics refer to this time as the ‘Dark Knight of the Soul’.

If this card appears it is telling you it is time to let go of something meaningful, it could be an attitude, value or even a material object, it is a time for waiting for the next chapter in your life to unfold.

It may be time to take a new path however this path has not yet been revealed, so wait patiently be mindful of what is going on around you.


Decisions or plans may be delayed or postponed.   This may seem frustrating, however these delays will be beneficial for you.  In fact if you are able to delay any decisions at this stage it will be beneficial to you.    If you are feeling stuck or restricted let go and surrender to your current circumstances.  Accept that somethings are out of your control.  Once you let go of old ideas and values new pathways will present themselves.


If you are looking for love it is time let go of the idea that love and relationships must be a certain way, in order for them to be fulfilling.   Be open to love where ever you are and with every one you meet.


In a relationship this card represents that you or your partner are in a state of suspension.  You may have been on and off for some time, and in a holding pattern while one or both of you decide what you want.    Perhaps one or both of you have had to make some sacrifices.

It is time to pause listen to find out if the relationship has a future.


You may feel like you do not have enough work to sustain you, or you may feel that the work you are doing has little or no value.  It is time to take a step back and reassess your goals.

If you are looking for work you will experience delays and setbacks.   You many need to make sacrifices to find fulfilling opportunities.


It is time to scale back spending in order to reassess your financial situation.  Funds you are owed may also be suspended for time, however you will eventually receive them.


If you are experiencing health issues you need to take some time out and find some peace and acceptance.


The hangman describes someone with the patience and the ability to make sacrifices for the higher good.  This person is also very giving of their time; you may find them working in voluntary organisations serving others.

11. Justice – Mythic Tarot

Something needs to be dealt with diplomatically

Athena, Zeus’ favourite daughter, sits on her throne holding a sword in her right hand.  An owl sits on her left shoulder.  Owls represent wisdom and femininity, reflecting Athena’s clarity of vision.   In her left hand she holds the scales representing the ability to weigh up both sides of an argument and make an impartial judgement.

Athena is a warrior and a master strategist.  She has high principles and recognises that war is sometimes necessary to preserve truth.   She is logical and diplomatic and known for her services to humans.

The Justice card represents the Fool’s first moral lesson.  He must now build his character ready to deal with life’s experiences and travels.  It is time for him to plan and learn diplomacy and tact rather than aggression.

In a reading the Justice informs you that there is something that needs to be dealt with diplomatically.


Justice is an indicator that the fairest decision will be made in a situation that concerns you.   For example if you were in the middle of a legal problem the outcome will be fair and balanced.   Events will work out as they are meant to for you.

Decisions have consequences on your present and future circumstances.   It also indicates that your future can be changed by re-evaluating your current situation.

This card tells you that you need to play fair as do others around you in order to achieve the best outcome.   If you do not, you cannot expect a just outcome for you.

If this card appears you will have something that needs to be dealt with.  Ensure your decision making is rational, objective and balanced.  Search your conscience before making any decision.

In legal matters speak the truth it is important to be open and honest, as justice will prevail and you will be held accountable for your actions.


If you are looking for love you will soon find it.   Ensure you are very clear about what you want from a relationship and look for these in a potential partner.


You may be looking to legalise your relationship in some way this may include marrige, a defacto agreement or buying a property together.

If there is negativity in this relationship you may be weighing up the pros and cons of staying or considering divorce.


You are one for following the rules in the work place.  If this card comes up in a reading it is warning you to check that you are maintaining a work life balance.    The types of careers you are most suited for are lawyer, or negotiator.


Manage your finances carefully.  Excess spending may lead to financial problems in the future.


Be aware of how you are treating your body.  Remember this card tells you that you will face the consequences of your actions. If you do not eat healthy food or perhaps you smoke then there will be consequences for these actions.


 This card describes someone who is honest and fair, and objective.  However they can sometimes be rigid, and a stickler for the rules making them inflexible at times.

10. The Wheel of Fortune

You are on the right track

Three women cloaked in black, surround a spinning wheel.  One sits on the floor with a ball of twine feeding it to the one standing on the left of the card, an older woman stands on the right the holding shears.   These tree women (referred to as Moirai) are the goddesses of fate (representing growth fear and death).

In the centre of the card is a golden wheel.    On the wheel are four men one at the top, one on his way down, one underneath and one on his way up.  These four figures represent four levels of fortune from success to down on his luck to moving climbing up or falling.

The wheel is in a dark cave representing the womb that gives us life and the grave to which we return.  We can see the entrance of this cave.  Outside the sun is shining on the lush green hills, representing the clarity of vision needed on our journey through life.

When the wheel appears in a reading it could be an indicator that there is a karmic reason behind a seemingly random event.  This could indicate a sudden change in your fortunes or an event in your which will lead to personal growth.  The event could be positive or negative depending on the position that it appears in your reading.   Check the surrounding cards to work out where on the wheel you are.

If you are on the upside of the wheel.   You will experience change perhaps which brings about abundance and good fortune.

If you are on the downside you may experience a loss of some kind, but this is because the universe has a new plan for you.    Try not to dwell on negative events instead find ways to move past them and onto the new.


The Universe is currently throwing challenges at you to help you grow.  You must accept that life is full of up’s and downs. If you are on the down side accept that adversity is part of life, and check the surrounding cards to find solutions to your problems.   Remember every problem has a solution and an opportunity to grow.

On the positive this card indicates the worst is now behind you.  You are likely to have a new experience that will lead to change and personal growth.

The overriding message here is that it is now time to make changes to ensure you are on the right path in your life.


A new person will come into your life that can lead to long term love relationship.  Be open to new experiences and allow fate to run its course.


In an established relationship you may find that you are on the down side of the wheel.   It is time to have an open discussion with your partner about how to fix this.

If you have recently ended a relationship you may have felt that it was sudden or that there was a number of unrelated events that led to the demise of this relationship.    Circumstances may have been beyond your control, however take heart that the wheel continues to turn and you will experience another up cycle.


Be open to feedback from peers; watch out for possible errors in your work even if you have been on a good run lately.    Focus on your achievements and successes.

If you are looking for work or a promotion expect a new opportunity to be presented shortly.


You may receive money from an unexpected source.    However remember it is important to save for the future to mitigate future ups and downs.


The wheel of fortune represents someone who is extremely lucky, flexible adaptable and open to change.  A generous person who always looks on the bright side of life.