Career Reading


This reading focuses on your careers.   This reading is suitable for those looking for a job or those wanting guidance about their current work situation.   Try to avoid yes no questions if possible.  Some questions you may wish to ask are:

  • What is the likely outcome of applying for / taking this promotion?
  • What energies are surrounding my hunt for a new job?
  • I have received two job offers what are the energies like in each workplace?

What next?

Once you have paid for your reading, you will receive a confirmation and an outline of what you need for your reading.

I will then meditate on your question and provide you with a comprehensive written response.  You can have a one follow up question if you do not understand something that was said however there will be no further cards drawn.

You will receive a pdf with a photograph of your reading and a written response.

Please note – All sales are final, I stand by my readings even if the answer is not what you expected.  I pray that the information I receive is for your highest good.