9. The Hermit

Wisdom comes from patience and time

The Hermit card features Cronos the youngest child of Uranus (heaven) and Gaea (earth).  Shrouded in a grey robe, his face partially hidden.  In his right hand he carries a lamp which symbolises clarity and direction which comes from time alone in reflection and patience.  In his left hand he holds a scythe representing the eternal cycles of time.  On his left shoulder perches a crow a symbolism of change or trial.

According to Greek Mythology Cronos’ brothers had been imprisoned in the underworld by their father.  Cronos used the scythe to castrate his father and free his brothers.  Once free the Cronos became sovereign of the earth.

This card serves as a reminder that wisdom comes from the patience and time.  It is the Fools final lesson, to have deep respect for his own limitations and the passage of time.

When this card appears in a reading it is telling you that it is time for solitude and searching the depths of your own inner wisdom.  Patience will bring you opportunities to build strong foundations for the future.


You are in a time of solitude and introspection, looking for answers about why life is the way it is at a deep level.  You understand the answers that you seek are buried deep within.  Shut off your devices connect with your inner soul, ensure you are present in every moment.  Step back from your daily life and reflect on your personal values and beliefs.  Be prepared to walk away from others who are not one your level.


If it’s long term commitment you are seeking this card tells you to take a step back and think about what you truly value in a long term relationship.  This is a time for solitude in order to get a greater understanding of your motivations.


You or your partner may wish be alone, to contemplate the future of this relationship.

If you feel your partner pulling away it is important to allow them some space even if it feels painful to you.  It is an incredibly important part of their journey.


If you are working on a project in which you are in a hurry to complete, this card warns you that you need to slow down and think things through in order to avoid making mistakes.

Now is the times to pursue projects alone steer away from others and pursue your own goals.


You are on a minimalist path at the moment.  Perhaps you are letting go of you materialistic ideas and values in order to follow a more spiritual path.


Physical health is often linked to emotional well-being this is a time for time out relaxation and a deeper understanding of the effects of your psychological well-being on your physical self.


This card represents a spiritual teacher or wise mentor that can offer you guidance on your own spiritual quest.  He or she is likely to be introverted and unlikely to attend social events.  They are confident in their intellectual ability and are more likely to be on a quest for knowledge rather than material gain.

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