8. Strength – Mythic Tarot

Hercules kills the lion with his bare hands.

Heracles is a muscular man, who is standing in a cave fighting the lion.  His hair is dark ginger his beard untamed and wild.  Killing the lion which had been terrorising the countryside was a task set for him by King Eurystheus for the crimes he committed.  After attempting to kill the lion with a number of different weapons and failing, he resorted to trapping the lion and killing him with his bare hands

Unlike Ares in the Chariot Hermes knows he does not need to exert physical aggression in order to take control of a situation, he has learnt to use tenderness in order to persuade the lion.   He acts from a place of inner strength not fear.

The Fools Lesson – The Fool has now moved  through two challenges of youth: Sexual Desire portrayed by the Lovers Card, and Aggression portrayed by The Chariot.

When the Strength card appears in a reading you may be facing a situation in which creative handling of your own pride and desires are paramount to a good outcome.


This card tells you that you already have the strength within you to move through to the next stage of your life.  It is time to let go of lower level aggression and use your intuition and inner strength in a situation.

Sometimes it feels like success is slow to come, but this card tells you that you have the strength and courage to see this situation through to the end and you will be rewarded for your efforts.


If you are struggling to find new love ask yourself are you so desperate for this to happen that you are willing to compromise your own inner strength?   This will make it difficult to find a stable relationship.  People are drawn to your confidence and inner strength, be open to love in any situation and let your inner strength and confidence shine.


This card is confirmation that you are in a good relationship.  You are confident in your partner and have dealt with your own insecurities and you are ready to move this relationship forward.


This card is a confirmation that you are on the right path.  If you are looking for work you will soon find it.

If you are currently employed you will find that you may be considered for a promotion soon.


You will be experiencing a positive financial cycle.


You are healthy and strong, this is a good time to start a new health regime.


This card represents someone with immense courage and inner strength.  He or she faces every situation with a calm demeanour.

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