13. Death – Major Changes are Coming

Mythic Tarot
Get ready for major changes, and a new way of doing things.

Hades the son of Cronus and Rhea was rescued by his brother Zeus and given the kingdom of the underworld over which to rule.   He now stands shrouded in a black cloak, his face covered by a helmet,   his hands open ready to receive the gifts offered by the three figures below.  The small child offers a flower the woman offers a crown and the man offers coins.

When someone enters Hades kingdom they do not return.  This card represents the end of a cycle.  However there is no reason for fear, when you get this card it means that an old way of life is ending and leaving the way open for new opportunities.


You are about to experience significant changes in your life some may occur unexpectedly.   You need to accept these changes and understand they are a necessary part of life in order to make way for change.

Once you let go of any unhealthy attachments that no longer serve you, you can make way for new energies to come in.  Let go of old ways of life and any bad habits that no longer serve you.


If you are looking for love there is a major change coming, however it is time to purge yourself of baggage you are still carrying from a previous relationship.    Once this happens you will be truly open to accepting new love into your life.


In a new relationship both you and your partner have come into this new partnership after a period of change.  You are both ready to explore new possibilities as a couple.

In a struggling relationship it is time to explore new ideas together to make it work.  Unless both parties are willing to work on the relationship it will not survive and you will have to face the possibility of your relationship ending.


There are significant changes about to occur in your work place.  It could be a restructuring at organisation or team level.

You may be considering a new direction yourself; this card signifies that it is time to make preparations for this new change.   This card may be telling you to take a new approach to job hunting.


You may have had a significant loss in terms of income.  Learn from this situation and you will be ok in the long run.


You may be struggling with a new phase of your life the stress of which may cause anxiety.   Try to deal with the emotional side of life and the physical side will improve as well,


This card represents someone very open to change; they have probably been transformed through some traumatic event or major lifestyle change.  They are more likely to take a risk on a new venture to pursue a new goal.

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