12. The Hanged Man

A time for waiting.

Prometheus is a titan who sympathised with humans; he defied Zeus by taking the element of fire and giving it to humankind even though he knew he would be punished for his deed.  He gave humans the gift of fire so they could experience enlightenment.

Zeus punished him by chaining him upside down to cliffs.  For the next 30 years Prometheus hung suspended.  Every day the eagle flew down and devoured Prometheus liver, each night his liver regenerated.  After 30 years he was rescued by Ares and given the gift of eternal life.

This card speaks of inner sacrifice.  It is telling us it is time to wait patiently and without foresight, for the next chapter of our life to unfold.  Sometimes mystics refer to this time as the ‘Dark Knight of the Soul’.

If this card appears it is telling you it is time to let go of something meaningful, it could be an attitude, value or even a material object, it is a time for waiting for the next chapter in your life to unfold.

It may be time to take a new path however this path has not yet been revealed, so wait patiently be mindful of what is going on around you.


Decisions or plans may be delayed or postponed.   This may seem frustrating, however these delays will be beneficial for you.  In fact if you are able to delay any decisions at this stage it will be beneficial to you.    If you are feeling stuck or restricted let go and surrender to your current circumstances.  Accept that somethings are out of your control.  Once you let go of old ideas and values new pathways will present themselves.


If you are looking for love it is time let go of the idea that love and relationships must be a certain way, in order for them to be fulfilling.   Be open to love where ever you are and with every one you meet.


In a relationship this card represents that you or your partner are in a state of suspension.  You may have been on and off for some time, and in a holding pattern while one or both of you decide what you want.    Perhaps one or both of you have had to make some sacrifices.

It is time to pause listen to find out if the relationship has a future.


You may feel like you do not have enough work to sustain you, or you may feel that the work you are doing has little or no value.  It is time to take a step back and reassess your goals.

If you are looking for work you will experience delays and setbacks.   You many need to make sacrifices to find fulfilling opportunities.


It is time to scale back spending in order to reassess your financial situation.  Funds you are owed may also be suspended for time, however you will eventually receive them.


If you are experiencing health issues you need to take some time out and find some peace and acceptance.


The hangman describes someone with the patience and the ability to make sacrifices for the higher good.  This person is also very giving of their time; you may find them working in voluntary organisations serving others.

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