The tarot is a powerful tool that can help you understand your current situation; give you advice about how to resolve your current problems.  It can shine light on your decisions by showing you the possible outcome of each.    It can illuminate your future and nudge you back onto the right path. Whatever your question the Tarot can guide you.

My philosophy is that most questions can be answered quickly, without extra waffle that makes your reading longer and more costly. If you have a question I will do a quick prayer and meditation asking for the guidance you need right now, then I will draw the cards required to understand your situation.  You will receive a written summary of your situation and the advice from the cards and the outcome if you follow the advice.

Sometimes the tarot may not give you the answer you desire but it will give you an honest answer, it is important that you understand this before purchasing.

If you are ready for guidance, checkout my Tarot Reading Services.